Our Board of Directors

Founder & President
D. Eileen Bailey

D. Eileen Bailey is a woman of compassion and understanding who has a vision to improve life for young ladies in every community across the United States.  A nurturer in character, she is a mother to all, a good friend to many, a counselor and sage with the ability to unabashedly communicate her experiences with the intention of deterring others from making the same mistakes she has made.

Eileen has a message for all young women who become pregnant“Life is difficult for everyone”; she says, “There is only one Being who will never let you down, never disappoint you, and will love you no matter what–God….do your best and God will do the rest.”  To the parents of these young women she advises,“Today media, the internet, peer pressure and other obstacles in our world make it much more difficult to protect and teach our children; don’t leave them too long to their own resources”

General Counsel
John O. C. Moss

John Moss is a partner at Moss & Moss LLP, working in the areas of corporate, real estate, and not-for-profit law.  He attended Columbia University and New York University before receiving his law degree from the University Of Minnesota Law School. He served as corporate counsel for the U.H. O., which provided outreach and advocacy services to New York’s homeless community.

Rochelle Long

Rochelle Long has a degree in Child  Development; a Child Development Administration License and a Non-Expiring License in Child Care.

Ms. Long is the owner/operator of a 24 hour Day Care Center, “The Kings Palace”, where the children are safe, loved, and nurtured 24 hours a day.  Never a raised voice in anger, spank or inappropriate word spoken to these wonderful, well mannered blessings from heaven.

Darryl McFarlane

Owner and operator of DKM Tax Consultants for over 20 years helping taxpayers and small businesses use the tax laws to their benefit instead of against them. Received BS in Accounting from The Ohio State University.

Raised in a loving household that extended our love by opening our home to over 20 foster children, including new mothers with child. Active on the board of the Never Quit Foundation and the American Red Cross’ Diversity Task Force Speaker’s Bureau. Married and father of 3 wonderful children.

Jacqueline Haynes-Lue

Retired from the Department of Social Services after 20 years of service to the economically underprivileged in New York City.  Married, mother of four adult children.

Mrs. Haynes-Lue has a Bachelor’s degree from York College.  She is currently employed as a personal assistant and direct support professional for intellectually challenged and disabled persons.  Her passion: uplifting women of all ages and cultures.

Frank Congemi

Professionally licensed by all federal, state and applicable counties throughout most the United States since 1986. A member of the Financial Planning Association-NYC, Financial Services Institute-DC, Ed Slott Elite Advisor-NYC, Board of Directors Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, PAL, St. Ambrose Drama Club, Deerfield Beach Little League, ASOPEC baseball little league of NY, Cancer Society, Son’s Of Italy.

Compliance/Complaint free for entire career. Work with CPA’s and Attorneys in regard to their families’ financial needs and then their client’s investment advice and management needs. Serving a client base of individuals, small & extended families, small & large businesses, small & large pension plans. Perform asset allocation & portfolio rebalancing of most any mutual fund or annuity to provide investment/retirement income.

Geralyn Harry

Geralyn Harry better known by the community at large as Mut Ra-t (Creative Mother). Geralyn was officially assigned the designation of Queen Mother only a few years ago; but in reflection she realized her entire life was in preparation for the role of matriarch.

Founder and director of Happy, Healthy, Parents, Network / Gentle movement family services; Doula – Natural child – Birth assistant/ support for young adults and teen mothers,/childcare provider/Youth Coordinator of Lincoln Place Block Association.  Geralyn held two long term positions at Dresdner Bank as a Telex Operator and a Financial Investigator; she worked 28 years in the banking profession.

Michael A. Swiss

Throughout his adult life Mr. Swiss has been consistently drawn to careers/paths that help facilitate change for others.  He has gained most of his experience working in various fields: Social Work/Probation and The Department of Justice among them.  Ultimately he began studying Eastern Medicine, spiritual healing & holistic therapies; fine tuning his abilities as a Mentor/Life Coach.  Michael makes a difference in our world utilizing his Mentor-ship and Life Coaching skills.  He feels it is a rewarding career that chose him.  He brings light to his clients lives & assist them in making a difference in this world – creating a positive shift and enabling one to reconnect with their purpose.