Our Supporters


Raquelle Wallace — Liaison

Sandra Knudsen

Sherry Anewalt

Sarah Knudsen

Sandra Frawley

Mary Amoakoh

Doris Green

Brittany Mitchell

Lori Bentley


Volunteer Partners

Amy Moulton, CPA/MBA

Teneisha Tulley, Development Coordinator

Rashina Smith, Research Coordinator


Misson Partners

Mr. & Mrs. D. Richmond/Susan Tantillo – Simple Church

Kim Mannello/Lisa Neubert/West End Happenings

Our Interns

Nicole Johnson, St. Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, VA

Jasmin Betts, St. Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, VA

Isiah Joseph, St. Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, VA

Patricia Galietta, Marywood University, Center Valley, PA

Professional Mentors

Betsy C. Squires, V.M.D.
Forest Inn Veterinary Hospital

Selena Robinson


In Commemoration

JoAnn Calkins/SBF Volunteer/Friend – Sunset:  August 11, 2019

In Commemoration

Maritza Bueno-Canady/SBF Volunteer – Sunset:  August 13, 2018


Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc.-SBF welcomes all professional women interested in mentoring these courageous young ladies.  Our SBF Daughters can benefit from your professional capacity. Your expertise can assist them in making relative,  effectual, firm business decisions; by understanding the professional dynamic.

If you wish to participate in our Professional Mentors Program please feel free to contact: Eileen at: debailey@shalombayitfdn.org.  Thank you so much for helping us #helpthemhelpthemselves.