The Foundation

Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc. is a Christian centered, nonprofit organization created by D. Eileen Bailey for the purpose of sheltering and guiding young expectant mothers, who have nowhere to turn, through their pregnancies and beyond.

Founded in November 2007, Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc has received numerous accolades and attention from all who learned of its objective to positively affect the lives of teenage mothers; giving them and their unborn child hope and a chance in life. Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc. has a full Board of Directors, including D. Eileen Bailey, Founder, John Moss, General Counsel, Frank Congemi, Treasurer, Geralyn Harry, Jennifer Bruno, Michael Swiss; as well as an Advisory Board.

The idea for Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc.’s ministry came when a high school senior, friend of the Founder’s daughter, became pregnant and was asked to leave her home because she wanted to have her child. Immediately, Eileen offered the young lady a place to stay while she sorted through her options. Feeling forced to either leave her home or abort her child, the young lady chose the only option she thought she had available.  It was then Eileen realized how she could be of service to all communities.

Shalom Bayit Foundation vigorously reaches out to raise funds to acquire property and build in the Pocono Mountain Area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, New York, & California.  Eventually building in the remaining states of the United States and every country around the world; which shall be the domicile for the young mothers and their children.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Currently located in Kunkletown, PA; assisting on an outreach basis in all states.

Complete Meaning of Shalom Bayit

Shalom bayit n. Literally, “peace in the home.” Contentment and harmony among family members. The Jewish tradition of shalom bayit requires, among other things, that family members not raise their voices to one another in anger, that a husband treat his wife as nicely as he would treat a neighbor, and that the commandment for children to treat parents with respect goes both ways.

Our Mission

Shalom Bayit Foundation’s objective is to save the children in every aspect; the young ladies who are with child and the child to be.  It is our goal to house, counsel, direct, nurture and love all of our extended family so they enter the world knowing they are someone special–able to cope with all the world has to serve; being victors not victims.  Counseling for the young men, should they want to marry the mother of their child; or want to be involved in the rearing responsibilities of their child.  Shalom Bayit Foundation’s purpose is to set forth an example for all our children to achieve a personal relationship with God.

Our Vision

To build a Shalom Bayit Foundation House/Village in every state of the United States and every country around the world.