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Offering pregnant teens a secure space to empower them

Offering pregnant teens a secure space to empower them with vital life skills, education and community involvement.

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Shalom Bayit Foundation relies entirely on community funding and does not receive any government support. Your contribution is what makes a significant impact.



Join us in celebrating the remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication of our Volunteer[s] of the Year.

Break generational cycles often experienced by teenage mothers.

At Shalom Bayit Foundation, we envision that all young mothers who complete our program will lead healthy, stable lives, utilizing the education, life skills, and support systems they’ve acquired to create a secure home for themselves and their child.

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Our vision for SBF Daughters is to offer them a peaceful, clean and secure environment.


Pregnant Teens are at high risk of not finishing high school, according to research published by


Join us in celebrating the remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication of our Volunteer[s] of the Year.


We will make available necessary resources, to our young mothers, in their time of uncertainty.

Caring For You

We walk with our pregnant teens/young mothers in the beginning stages of their pregnancy and beyond. 

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Shalom Bayit Foundation’s support for pregnant teens encompasses a wide range of services, including but not limited to helping them find the inner peace required to navigate through the challenges of this unique phase in their lives.



Join us at Shalom Bayit Foundation in our mission to uplift and empower pregnant teens and young mothers. Together, we can make a lasting difference in their lives and help build a better future for them and their families.

Help for Pregnant Teens

Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF) provides shelter to pregnant teen mothers aged 14 to 20, as well as young mothers with children. We guide them towards becoming self-sufficient, healthy, and caring parents who contribute positively to their community.

At SBF, we offer counseling, nurturing, and love to these young mothers, instilling in them a sense of their unique worth. With our support, they transform into champions, breaking the cycle of victimhood. Our mission is to empower them to make positive and healthy life choices for both themselves and their babies.

SBF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization currently based in the Kunkletown, PA area.

Shalom Bayit Foundation’s objective is to save the children in every aspect; the young ladies who are with child and the child to be. It is our goal to house, counsel, direct, nurture and love all of our extended family so they enter the world knowing they are someone special–able to cope with all the world has to serve; being victors not victims. Counseling for the young men, should they want to marry the mother of their child; or want to be involved in the rearing responsibilities of their child. Shalom Bayit Foundation’s purpose is to set forth an example for all our children to achieve a personal relationship with God.

To build a Shalom Bayit Foundation House/Village in every state of the United States and every country around the world.

“peace in the home.”

Shalom bayit is a Hebrew term that means “peace in the home.” It signifies the state of contentment and harmony among family members.