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Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF) provides shelter for 14 through 20-year-old pregnant teen mothers as well as young mothers with child(ren).  We guide them to become healthy, independent and nurturing parents, a credit in and of their community.

SBF counsels, nurtures, and loves teen moms so they enter the world knowing they are someone special. With our help, young moms become victors, not victims.  Our mission is to empower them to make positive, healthy life decisions for themselves and their babies.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Currently located in the Kunkletown, PA area.

Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF)  Supports Teen Moms With Continuing Their Education

Young mothers, especially young teen mothers, are often faced with huge challenges; one of them being education. There are many young teenage moms who, as soon as their baby is born, quit their high school education to focus on raising their child.

Most girls who are expecting a baby do not anticipate dropping out of high school; however, when they have their baby, all too often that will change!  They forget about their high school education “temporarily” — never to return to school at all. This is very unfortunate.  Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF) provides full educational help for these teen moms.

“We are extremely anxious to support young moms in their efforts to attain educational success, says Eileen Bailey, founder, and president of Shalom Bayit Foundation.  Obtaining educational success frequently results in a domino-effect and helps young teenage mothers re-gain control of their lives.”

Note From The Founder

Eileen-Bailey-SBFShalom Bayit Foundation, Inc. (SBF) was created to help first-time expectant teens/young mothers that have nowhere else to turn.  Thus far we have been assisting pregnant teens/young mothers for quite a few years.  Providing them with the much-needed resources, help, love they may not have found on their own, to #helpthemhelpthemselves; to be able to keep moving forward in their lives and become the best parent they can be to their child(ren).

SBF needs your help!  Though the founder has been using her home should a pregnant young mother to be/young mother have nowhere to go, she is only able to assist one young lady at a time.  In view of the fact, SBF was not allowed to build in a residential neighborhood in PA adjustments had to be made.  In order to keep these young ladies in a residential setting (where they need to be to thrive), the decision was made to build “Tiny House Villages” whenever the issue of residential settings come into play.  This way the family is afforded their own space, and when the mother is ready to go out on her own she has the option to “take” the “Tiny House” she lives in with her.

There are varying programs SBF provides which benefit these young pregnant teens.  Programs that allow them to obtain their high school diploma, move on to higher education or obtain employment to better their futures.  Some programs such as MyCareerTools, which challenges students & helps them achieve their goals by providing free online GED video classes, practice tests and help them enhance their productivity.  For those who have a high school diploma, there are colleges across the country that provide “Single Parent Programs” where the mother and child live on campus while the mother obtains her degree.  Employment programs such as Career Links or CET that provide classes or employment leads to help them move into the field of their choice.

With the many programs available Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc.’s most important attribute is to walk with these pregnant teens/young mothers every step of the way until they are confident to stretch out on their own.

Our vision is to place an SBF House/Village in every state of the United States and every country around the world.

With your assistance we can do this; together we can help change the course of the world.

Please donate so we may continue to open the doors to success for these young ladies.

Help us officially open the doors and keep them open.

D. Eileen Bailey-Founder & President