Our vision for SBF Daughters is to offer them a peaceful, clean and secure environment

Home & Caring For You and Your Baby

We walk with our pregnant teens/young mothers in the beginning stages of their pregnancy/parenthood and beyond. Guidance is provided: from day-to-day feeding to health-care to hygiene to the more general issues on how best to spend time with and without your baby; direction is given on older child care as well. A hot-line being established for all mothers; especially those on their own already.


We will make available necessary resources, to our young mothers, in their time of uncertainty. Our Daughters will be able to speak with professionally trained persons for whatever they need.

Character Building

We will involve our SBF Daughters in various self-esteem and team building exercises. We have also implemented many Green efforts, which we hope will help our SBF Daughters learn how to live a self-sustaining and natural way of life.


Pregnant Teens are at high risk of not finishing high school, according to research published by TeenPregnancy.org. Teen moms say the pressures of pregnancy or parenthood play a significant role in their decision to “put it off until later” or drop out of school. Lack of education makes it harder for teen moms to find work.

Some Of Our Solutions

SBF helps pregnant teens increase their chances of earning an HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma. Your HSE diploma can be earned after completing a test based on four subject areas including Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies. The skills you are taught and eventually tested on are at the same level as those of graduating high school seniors.

Financial Awareness

SBF Daughters have the opportunity to set up savings portfolios and are taught financial responsibility, money management, bill paying techniques and general financial awareness.

Prepare for the GED Test

Shalom Bayit relies entirely on community funding and does not receive any government support. Your contribution is what makes a significant impact.


Join us in celebrating the remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication of our Volunteer[s] of the Year.


GED/High School Equivalency:  SBF has teamed with “Best GED Classes”  for full educational help at no cost to you.  Type: bestgedclasses.org into your URL.  Upon SBF’s confirmation of completion our SBF Daughters are provided the $120 fee to take the GED Test. We assist young mothers to re-enter High School or Cyber School as well.

Also, SBF collaborates with various colleges/universities across the country which provide “Single Parent Programs”, Community Colleges that provide daycare facilities and more. We assist our SBF Daughters in seeking funds for their education. For more information on cost and tuition, availability contact Eileen at debailey@shalombayitfdn.org

Specific Needs Program

Shalom Bayit relies entirely on community funding and does not receive any government support. Your contribution is what makes a significant impact.

Corporate Mentoring

Our SBF Daughters will interact with professional women who partner with our pregnant teens/young mothers to teach and guide them, in their specific careers, on how to get ahead in the corporate world today.